Dr Mark Adams is the founder of The Special College, the developer and lecturer of both courses offered on this website. Dr Mark Adams holds numerous academic qualifications up to level 8 (equivalent to PHD) in Natural Medicine and PHD in Nutritional Science. However, the fundamental base of his pioneering and ground-breaking, unique knowledge comes from his personal experience as a patient with multiple conditions, the proven findings from his independent, unbiased and uncontaminated research and his work experience as a science teacher and a Natural Medicine doctor.

Having closely observed the global outlook of human health and having realized that 100s of millions of patients around the globe visit different doctors and take different medications, but still never get more than a temporary relief. Having realized that the adopted medical researches follow the same misguided principles and almost identical methodologies with limited positive results and minimal contribution to the solution of the unfortunate global health problems. Dr Adams decided to conduct an independent investigation as to why those diseases are not going away, since, there are now in the world millions of qualified doctors and the latest technology for both research and diagnosis. Doctor Adams structured extremely investigative and highly intellectual pool of scientific questions, which he based on the principles of the scientific method. The answers given by the interviewed 1000s of patients cracked it open new insights and exposed new unknowns in human health.

After 16 years of deep-digging investigation into the subject Dr Adams concluded:

  • The core principles of medical science have taken a completely wrong path to finding a solution for the world’s poor health.
  • Medical researchers are failing mainly because they are searching the wrong thing.
  • Most of the testing tools are not helping in making an accurate diagnosis because they were never made for the specific pathogens behind the occurrence of the illness.
  • Doctors are trying hard to help, but failing, because their approach and understanding in the etiological and pathological aspect of the most of human diseases contain massive amount of miscalculations, misconceptions and mistaken beliefs.
  • It is those sad facts that made successful treatment impossible in almost all human illnesses in all countries including the most developed nations.

After having worked for 13 years as a Natural Medicine Practitioner in three different countries including The United Kingdom, Dr Mark Adams decided to pass what he knows in human health to his fellow humans in the form of educational programs.

If you join any of our courses especially, our level 7 Diploma in Natural health, you will have learnt the following:

1. a new perspective of the anatomical and physiological structure of the human body
2. that indeed most of the alleged causative agents that are currently believed by the world, are not what is causing the human diseases and that many of such agents do not in fact have the slightest involvement in the formation and development of the illness. It is this mistaken identity of pathogens what is causing illnesses to become persistent or incurable, even though patients are taking medications after medications.
3. You will have learnt the true pathogens that are responsible for the causation and development of human illnesses. remember these agents are never taught in medical schools and universities and therefore, laboratory technicians, general medical doctors, specialists and medical consultants never take these causative agents into account when examining patients or determining the etiology, the pathology and the treatment of the illness.

Moreover, there is no single testing tool made by anyone in anywhere in the world for the finding of these real disease-causing pathogens.

4. You will have learnt the correct way to approach human body when treating any acute or chronic condition.
5. You will have learnt the skills and the knowledge that will enable you to make a 100% reliable and accurate diagnosis without using testing tools.
6. You will have learnt the safest and the most effective herbal medicine, which have been chosen and selected from 1000s of medicinal plants because of their safety, efficacy and their suitability for the successful treatment of the illness.

Who are these courses for?
These courses are desperately needed by laboratory technicians, general medical doctors, pediatricians, specialists, researchers, medical students, nurses, midwives, clinical officers, herbalists, healers and any member from the general public of any nation