Level 6 Diploma in Nutritional Science

Description of the course

Level 6 Diploma in Nutritional science is equivalent to bachelor’s degree but, is the first of its kind in terms of design, structure, approach and content. Among many valuable topics, the course outlines the errors in the current understanding of nutrition, and reveals some extremely shocking insights about what really nutrition is, and its relation to health, disease and recovery.

The learning outcomes of the program

After completing this course, learners will have comprehensive knowledge in:

    • The human body and its functions
    • The composition of common foods
    • The analysis of nutritional value of diet
    • What makes food nutritious
    • The chemical changes that affect the structure of food
    • The connection between diet and disease
    • The healing power of certain foods

Entry requirements

Though the course has been steadily developed into a first degree program, it has been built from a ground level, which means students can join it without prior academic qualification or work experiences in nutrition, however, applicants are expected to have a good level of English skills and numeracy

Duration of the Course

This is a flexible course and its completion time depends on the learner’s dedication and effort; however, it is permitted to be completed in as short as 12 months.


After successful pass of all units/modules, in collaboration with our main London office, we will immediately order the certificate from our accreditation body in the United Kingdom and pass it to the student either as an e-certificate in 48 hours or hard-copy within 10 working days.

Mode of study

This course is an online learning course supported by online facilities and it can be studied from anywhere in the world without attending classes or meeting face-to-face with tutors.

Start date of this course

Enrolment is open throughout the year and students can join the course anytime from anywhere.

Assessments and Exams

All assessments and markings take place within the learning platform of our website. After results of the exam is given out, our internal verifier will conduct full verification of all the answers given by the learner and evaluate whether the student has shown competency in the section and level of study he/she has been tested on.

Please note!

There are 6 exams that are all mandatory to pass to complete this course (Level 6 Diploma in Nutritional Science).

Number of modules = 6

Fee for this course

Full course fee = $480.00

Fee per module = $80.00