About Us

The Special College is an online educational Institute that offers fully accredited programs in Natural Health and Nutritional Science. We offer easy-to-learn academic programs whose contents are so unique, in that, they have never been offered by any other school, college or university anywhere in the world. We deliver our courses in a reliable, efficient, and supportive learning platform through which our learners can access their course materials, engage and interact with peer students, tutors and admin staff. All assessments and exams are taken online in the platform, and accurate results are given instantly by the system. We process the order of certificates through the portal that we share with our UK-based accreditation body and, we issue to our successful students either an e-certificate in 48 hours or a hard-copy certificate in 10 working days. TSC provides students with all the support they need to succeed in developing their knowledge and professional skills.


TSC’s vision is to become a global leader in offering online accredited, enriching and informing, unique health courses.


Our mission is to provide world class health programs through online learning platform and ensure that those study in our college become skilled, enlightened and exceptionally well-informed in human health