Graduate with Unique in-depth Knowledge in Human Health & Natural Medicine

You will be in high demand

Having gained unmatched skills and unique medical knowledge that will surely enable you to make correct diagnosis and successfully treat human diseases, you will certainly be in high demand.

A great career in Natural Health

“Graduates of any of this courses will gain skills and the knowledge necessary to deal with, and successfully treat all forms of illiness”

We teach New perspectives in Human body’s Anatomy, Function, Diseases, Pathogenesis, Diagnostics and the best Natural treatments”

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The Special College

TSC provides an online fully accredited graduate-level diploma in Nutritional Science and Post-graduate diploma in Natural Health.

Major parts of our health courses are derived from the case-studies and experiences of 1000s of patients, independent, deep-digging investigative researches, previously unknown, new revealing medical discoveries that have never been taught before. Our graduates will learn new perspectives, unique approaches and new facts about the human body’s structure, function, biochemical processes, the true causes of human diseases and their solutions.

Learners will also master the safest and the most effective herbal plants and how to select them, formulate and package them using the highest level of professional and ethical standards. After completing our Level 7 Diploma in Natural Health, you will be able to screen your patient’s body without using a single device, but new skills and powerful analytical methods, which will enable you to make a correct, accurate and precise diagnosis. You will also be able to prescribe safe and effective natural remedies that should significantly improve and, in most cases, totally eliminate not only the signs and symptoms of the disease but, the underlying root cause of the condition.